Sell your damaged car?

Want to sell your car?
Also if your private Rhenoy is the right place. Imagine, for example, engine damage and want to sell your car. Itself You can trade it in the garage, this gives you a price after your car is still trading. If you do business directly with us skip this switch. Through our years of experience in the field of (damage) cars we are able to provide for your car. Fair and competitive price You fill your car on this site and we will arrange the settlement. So you can control the entire sales process with just one click the submit button.

How does it work?
In six easy steps, you can sell your car damage:

Step 1: Fill out the form below as completely as possible.
Step 2: We place a bid on your car.
Step 3: If you accept the offer we will arrange the further processing.
Step 4: We pick up the car with you.
Step 5: You will receive a safeguard
Step 6: We make the money to your account.

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